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'SpotCheck' SMD Counter

PART NO: SpotCheck

Manncorp SpotCheck™

SMD Component Counter

Estimate the Count of Reeled SMDs In Less Than 60 Seconds Without Interrupting Production.

The SpotCheck™ Reel Estimator fills certain niches that are beyond the scope of traditional taped reel counters. Not only is it faster, more affordable and convenient to use, it is the only SMD counter that actually determines a reel's count at the pick-and-place machine without removing the tape from the machines's feeder. There is no need to thread leader tape or load reels onto a counter. SpotCheck is a valuable resource for pre-kitting, giving production personnel almost instantaneous readings of all SMDs needed for upcoming runs without risking parts run out. It is also ideal for taking quick inventories of components on hand and incoming or outgoing shipments. Completely self-contained, SpotCheck produces readings after just four easily obtainable measurements -- taken with the meter's integral ruler and gauge. Counts are within ±5% accuracy.

Video of How It Works

SpotCheck™ Reel Estimator Features

  • Accommodates all tape widths and thicknesses;
    both 7" (18cm) and 13" (33cm) reels.
  • Counts all types of surface mount components and pitches
    (including small 2mm pitch parts).
  • Self-contained, handheld, requires no attachments
  • Component counts in 4 easy measurements taking less than 60 seconds

Processing Sequence:

  • Enter outer diameter (OD Value) of reeled components
  • Enter innermost diameter (ID) on hub of reel
  • Enter number of sprocket holes per component
  • Enter tape thickness with use of built-in slotted gauge
  • Correct part count to within ±5% will be displayed in processing window
  • For repetitive use of similar parts on reels, only one measurement needs to be changed to obtain count.
SpotCheck™ Reel Estimator - Specifications
Accuracy to within ±5% for standard 13mm center hole and standard 4mm spaced feed hole
Measures up to 13" (33cm) OD reels.
(15" reels can be measured with user-supplied ruler)
Display Digital: Powered by 9 volt battery
Dimensions 7.5" (19cm) x 4" (10cm) x 1" (2.5cm).
Weight 0.4 lbs. (180g)
Warranty One Year

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